KMSAuto Net Windows Activator Download [Latest 2021]

If you looking on the internet a KMSAuto Net Latest Windows Activator Download So, you come to the right place now day share with you an amazing application To Windows 8.1 and 8/10 operating systems, KMSAuto Net is a stable and completely automated KMS activator. The software unlocks the device without needing to access any keys or computer.


Typically, machine files are allowed without altering device output. However, there are some drawbacks, activation is achieved in 1 click and the approved edition of Win doesn’t have to pay any capital. you can also check out the How to Remove Files and Directories Using Linux Command Line.

This is a perfect way to scan approved keys with no tests. Only launch KMSAuto Net and click the Activate button. For several Windows consumers, a good activation for the Microsoft Window or office program is a big deal.

It is one of the most important problems confronting users every now and then. Since most people don’t have to provide a true duplicate. But if, as a result of your inability to purchase a true duplicate, you can’t click on your windows or workplace, you’re mistaken. You do need a decent activator for your screens.

KMSAuto Net Portable Windows & Office Activator

The software theory is quite simple: it emulates the KMS server and then triggers the operating system and deletes the server after this stage.

KMS Activator has been created by Microsoft to enable corporate goods itself and is a totally valid Windows activation process, so it does not display something new.

The truth is, Windows 8.1 prevents the normal method of accessing the localhost authentication service ( so that the program lets the machine think the PC is still a KMS Service user.

What is KMSAuto Net Server and How It Works

Key Management Services (KMS) is a tool that can be used to activate Windows operating systems and Office goods for consumers with device licenses and security guarantees.

Thanks to this program, even if the device is not linked to the Internet, it can be enabled through the inside KMS API.

I would like to provide details on the device operation and the issues to be discussed before describing the setup.


  • Software insurance customers can take advantage of KMS services under the Volume License Agreement.
  • Client: Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1 Business software. Network devices. (Additional Pro drug scripts will be run.)
  • Server: Windows Server 2008, Windows Server 2008 R2, Windows 2012, Windows 2012 R2
  • Office: Office 2010, Office 2013 products can be activated through the KMS server.
  • The computer that will be activated from KMS is not required to be a Domain member.
  • KMS offers TCP 1688 port: The KMS service port or firewall in front of the KMS network server must also be allowed on this Windows Firewall link.
  • Both subversions of the product key from which you are using the KMS API are also included. In other terms, the software key you use to enable all subversions if you have enabled KMS service in Server 2012.
  • Additional processing is required for Office products. I’ll tell you later in the article.
  • After the KMS server has been installed, the server needs to be prompted for activation requests from different computers.
  • These numbers are as follows: 25 Windows Clients, 5 Windows Server, 5 Office
  • When 5 different servers send requests, KMS is now activated for servers.
  •  The number of customers is still 25. In other words, the activation status of each product is different.
  • The license of the computer activated via KMS is 180 days.
  • This time is renewed by the disabled device after 7 days through contact with the KMS server. In other terms, the authorization of the KMS-enabled machine is diminished if it is unable to connect with the KMS system for six months.
  • When an operating system has been first installed, it immediately attempts to be enabled for 3 days on the KMS list. When our order can not trigger the manual control.
  • To automatically trigger Office items, open and close every Office part (for example, Word or Excel) once. At the next launch, it must be disabled.
  • The date/time information of the computer that will be activated with the KMS server must be the same.

If you prefer, you can turn the app to a technical, skilled mode. You can read the video user manual from the “About the program” page.

You have to obey the guidelines to use the installer for KMSauto 2016 in order to effectively activate Win 8.1. In this scenario, you can be confident the button won’t activate.


Supported Platforms

  • Windows Server 2012
  • Windows 7
  • Windows 8
  • Windows 8.1
  • Windows 10
  • MS Office
  • Project
  • Vista Windows

KMSAuto Net Benefits

This KMSauto version does not only enable Windows but Microsoft Word, Microsoft Office edition, from 2010 to 2016. This procedure is entirely legitimate, as opposed to normal belief. After all, the Microsoft Client Operating Framework Segment was developed especially for triggering.

Consider the merits of KMS activator Ultimate:

  • Work fast and easily
  • The easy user interface, anyone can learn using it in just a minute.
  • It has a decent design
  • There’s also an option to put your own product key if you want.
  • Also some other extra useful tools.

KMSAuto Net Features

Some activators believe that their activators will trigger the devices, but they can not necessarily check for the right key to enable the activation.

Your Windows 8, 8.1, 10, Windows Server, Microsoft office 2010 through 2016 and other updates are also eligible for KMSAuto. This operating framework does not include any extra features to update and use. It all depends on your choice.

KMSAuto provides its users with several features. Before you install it on your device, you must test all apps. So you’ll know what you’re going to mount and what this excellent activator gives you.

Activate Windows

It allows you to disable Microsoft Windows App easily with the KMSAuto activator. If you are one of them, you don’t want to get an original copy of Windows OS or you don’t have enough space.

To trigger the Windows, you will also use this activator. It gives you an original window status and tells Microsoft that you use the original copy when you link your Computer to the Internet.

Many people do the same, but the thing is that they get detected and so you are classified as a spammer, or that often the Windows is disabled.

Activate Microsoft Office

If you still use your machine with the MS Workplace, so instead of purchasing the original, have you downloaded the backup from the third party site?

And your trial has ended too, but without spending money you might want to use it for free. Then you would be pleased to learn that your office also can be enabled by KMSAuto.

If you have a template for 2007 or 2016 doesn’t matter. Only Office 365 can be switched on with this activator, the entire edition of MS Office is enabled.

So you will enjoy free of charge all restricted office apps before you reinstall or uninstall your Windows workplace.

Activate Windows Using Keys

When you do not understand the KMS registry and choose to use a software key to allow your Windows. You may also use this app to do so.

You will not have to locate the correct keys to your Windows now and waste hours looking on Google because several websites say they have sent you the original keys, but just useful dummy keys.

KMSAuto immediately recognizes the edition from Windows, and in a matter of seconds gives you the correct copy. Then you will copy and enter this key in the Allow Windows line.

No Advertisements

This is one of KMSAuto Activator’s most valuable apps since they don’t have any updates. I have used a number of activators however there are so many tense advertisements that interrupt when Windows is triggered.

Finally, with this, you can toggle on your Windows OS and workplace without disrupting your advertisements.

Backup Files

The configuration files are immediately backed up to be updated without any additional measures as you reinstall your Software.

This great function helps if the windows become compromised unexpectedly and you do not have the file or the internet attached.

Permanently Activate Windows

You must be conscious that your windows are not permanent and that your windows have permanently been disabled if you triggered some other activator.

But your Windows would be permanently mounted using this KMSAuto activator. Within a certain time, you don’t have to trigger windows regularly.

100% Virus Free

This enabler is 100% stable and clear of viruses. Don’t worry about trojans or malware, malware evidence is available. The virus Sum has been tested and many Internet users believe it.

Download KMSAuto Net

Perhaps KMSAuto 2016 is identified as a virus by your antivirus. An activator is a break, and many of the well-known activators are on the blacklist.

So either deactivate the antivirus software or install the.exe service KMS Registry file except for your antivirus, before installing and triggering it.


If you use Windows 10, the Windows protector must be deactivated to use KMSAuto or the protector is disabled. Follow the easy measures, if you don’t know how to shut it off:

  • Click on Start Menu and search for Security.
  • You will see Windows Defender Security Center.

  • Open Windows Defender Security Center and Go to Virus and Threat Protection.

  • Now from here just disable the Real-Time Protection

  • And now you are ready to go ☺

System requirements

It is in the English language, for this latest update you need the following hardware: This new Kmsauto edition is super fast and practical, without any failure.


  • Operation system: Windows 7 to 10 maximum
  • You must have installed: Net framework 4
  • Administrator privileges
  • 5 MB of free space in the hard disk

It is a perfect Windows Auto Net Activator for KMS. You may always KMSpico, which is the easiest one to use if you don’t want this.

There are other methods for activation, but KMS is perfect as it only tricks you like many resources for activation in life.

Computer KMS Platform Support us a lot to use our windows and office kilometers free and KMSpico performs almost as good as we didn’t just need one. Let’s say you… Let’s clarify…

Difference Between AUTO KMS And KMSPICO

Both activators are the same KMSauto and KMSpico web lite. There’s no distinction between them, except for certain reasons they’re using, such as if your kmspico doesn’t trigger the windows and you can use kmsauto depending on the device model. Don’t worry, you can just choose some of them because both of them use kmspico.

You can notice 70 percent technical resources for viruses especially on unlocking, and you can remain on their website for the first time, where every activator installs the website is valid or not, and you can save it on your device.

 How to Install & Activate Windows with KMSAUTO Net

So After all the above details return to installing and activating windows.

The entire process of activation takes less than 2 minutes.

it’s very easy you can install it and active your windows no need to watch videos on YouTube or any technical mind or knowledge just follow the simple step that I am guiding you here.

  1. unzip file which you downloaded from here, you can use WinRAR
  2. program window with two buttons: ” Activation ” and ” Information “
  3. Click the Activate button, then select Windows activation.
  4. Wait until the activation is complete and restart your computer.

Done your windows is activated now in 4 steps you got it.


Remove KMSAUTO Virus

They’re searching for a 1 2 hour check “how do I uninstall the KMS virus and see other images.” 80% Chances it doesn’t quickly uninstall from the device, but you need to use Norton antivirus, Avira if you need to download and restore the machine point date. Alternatively, reinstalling your windows and updating all data for your windows (C Drive) will be sufficient, without that, for the proper removal of all the software.

But stay away from viruses just almost render folders and shortcut folders automatically. They use smart pages. Here’s the workaround > Kmspico Uninstall

How to Remove Auto KMS NET Shortcuts folders

by doing this, follow steps by steps:

  1.  Go to Windows search bar type run or press ‘Windows’ + R‘ key set,
  2.  Write the command “Regedit“.
  3.  Now you will see a user control in a pop-up window, give it permissions by click on “yes
  4.  let’s, expand the folder “HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT
  5.  double Click to the subfolder “Lnkfile“.
  6.  now, you will find various files. Locate the one called “IsShortcut“.
  7.  Right-click on that file and press on “delete”, and remove.

After Doing This Restart your computer you can see virus folders will be removed that it, These folders not create Real KMS Tools it creates a virus that is on fake KMS software.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Do you learn the capabilities of KMSAuto, import, install & enable it? Are you any concerns you like to ask?

You would also be able to fill out this FAQ list with several of the questions I have posed regarding the website. I have compiled the most popular query on such pages, addressing forums like Quora, etc.

Q1) Will, it permanently installs my Windows or I have to activate it again and again after a specific time?

Sure, that would finally open the door, of course, so you don’t have to open it again. Once you reinstall the Windows operating system, you just need it.

Does this activator harm my computer?

Yes, the machine can never be affected because it is free from worm, trojans, and malware. Don’t worry, it’s stable and free for your machine, you can use it without any stress.

Is using KMSAuto is illegal?

Oh, that’s it. The crime involves the usage of pirated apps or the use of the activator. You will also use it without any trouble instead. Since it reveals the initial copy of the program.

Where Can I find the latest version of KMSAuto?

The new edition of KMSAuto is accessible for download from our website. Whenever new changes are detected, we keep updating the ties. You do not care about the latest edition in this way.

Can I uninstall KMSAuto after activating Windows? will it deactivate my windows?

Yeah, if you have unlocked your windows, you should uninstall KMSAuto and your windows will not be disabled. Upon uninstallation, your windows are and will remain working.


Below are some of the issues I have answered more often. If you are unable to locate your address, you may test your query here and inquire in a comment section.

I’m there to speak and support you still. I’m glad to hear from you— you’re here to talk.


This is the KMSAuto Activator brief and detailed Reference. This activator must be tested because it is the right alternative and the right window and office activator.

I have also listed some of the better KMSAuto alternatives that you need to watch out for. The greatest in their way are these activators.

Did you skip the list of functions? You would then have to find out because you do not already grasp what this method offers you. I have listed the Installation Guide above, step by step, if you missed it, please look at it.

And, during deployment, you don’t find any mistakes. This is the easiest method to trigger without costing money for Microsoft goods.

You may also bookmark our page to get the new alerts if you enjoyed this post for your colleagues. Continue to search the latest and newest activators in our database once a month.


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