Download Wise Duplicate Finder Pro for Free (Windows)

Key Takeaways: Download Wise Duplicate Finder Pro 

Accumulation of duplicate files on Windows systems is a common storage concern. Here you will get to know about  Download Wise Duplicate Finder Pro:

  • Wise Duplicate Finder Pro offers a robust and user-friendly tool to swiftly identify and remove duplicate files.
  • The tool employs name, size, and content analysis to locate duplicates, ensuring thorough results.
  • Users can specify search areas and preview duplicates before deletion, preventing accidental data loss.
  • Wise Duplicate Finder Pro enhances computer efficiency by decluttering and organizing files, freeing up valuable storage.

Got too many copies of the same files on your computer? You’re not alone. This happens a lot on Windows computers and can eat up your storage space.

Download Wise Duplicate Finder Pro

But don’t worry, there are different ways to find and delete those extra files. The easiest and best way is to use a tool called Wise Duplicate Finder Pro. It’s super strong and helps you get rid of those duplicates quickly.

We’ll guide you on how to get Wise Duplicate Finder Pro for free on your Windows computer. Plus, we’ll give you a quick look at what this tool can do.

What is Wise Duplicate Finder Pro?

Wise Duplicate Finder Pro is a simple tool for Windows that helps you find and delete files that are the same on your computer. It looks at your files and takes out the ones that are copies. Even if they have different names or are in different places, it can still find them.

It’s easy to use. You can look at the files that might be copied and choose which ones to get rid of. The tool also lets you change how it works and keeps your files safe.

This tool makes your computer more room for things, works better, and keeps your stuff neat and tidy.

Features: Wise Duplicate Finder Pro 

Wise Duplicate Finder Pro is a strong tool to find duplicate files on your computer. It has lots of features:

  • It quickly checks your computer for duplicate files.
  • It can find duplicates by looking at the file’s name, size, and content.
  • You can choose how it looks for duplicates and removes them.
  • Even if you’re new to this, it’s easy to use.
  • It checks for duplicate files, even if they have the same name, size, or content. You choose where to check – in specific folders, drives, or everything.
  • Before you delete duplicates, you can look at them first. This way, you won’t delete anything important. You can see them by their name, size, or content.
  • You can tell the program not to check certain files. This helps if you don’t want it to check some folders or types of files. You just need to say which files – by their name, type, or size.
  • After the check, you can save the list of duplicates. This helps you remember what you found. You can save it as a webpage, a table, or a special type of file.

How to Download Wise Duplicate Finder Pro Free for Windows?

To begin, get the setup file download from this Link.

Remember: This is a free version, and we didn’t make this tool.

Once it’s downloaded, open the setup file and put the software on your PC.

Start the Wise Duplicate Finder Pro software and begin removing identical files on your Windows computer.

This edition (v2.0.3.58) comes with pre-registration. That means no need for a license key to make it work.


In conclusion, Wise Duplicate Finder Pro offers an efficient solution to the common issue of duplicate files cluttering Windows computers. With its user-friendly interface and powerful features, it swiftly identifies and eliminates duplicate files based on various criteria. The tool’s ability to search by name, size, and content ensures thorough duplicate detection. 

Its customization options allow users to tailor the search to specific folders or drives, while the preview feature prevents accidental deletion of important files. Offering convenience and space optimization, Wise Duplicate Finder Pro is a valuable tool for maintaining an organized and efficient computer system.

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