Smart Game Booster Pro v5.2 Free License key [Windows]

Smart Game Booster is a software program that claims to optimize your computer for better gaming performance. The software claims to improve gaming performance by freeing up memory, closing background processes, and updating drivers. With Smart Game Booster 5, you can also record game videos easily. It supports capturing games and recording game moments with easy-to-use hot keys.

Smart Game Booster is an easy-to-use yet efficient game optimization utility, essential for any gamer who wants a smoother gaming experience. It helps increase FPS and intensify processor performance for top gaming performance with just one click & displays the temperatures of CPU and GPU in real-time while gaming.

Smart Game Booster Pro Overview:

Many game lovers face the problem of not being able to accelerate it, either because they lose money that does not help them to upgrade the specifications of their device, or it may have problems, and of course, we provide you in this article visitors to the site aware of all dear, the best program to help you to speed up games from By increasing the frames of the game, regardless of the specifications of your computer, you can run your favorite games, and you will not let future problems come to mind, as using the giant program Smart Game Booster will clean the files and the continuous maintenance of the game, because the different operations leave some Effects that consume part of the hard disk space, in addition to the device’s resources such as consuming part of the RAM or processor, or even part of the energy.

Smart Game Booster uses advanced overclocking technology to explore the potential performance of your graphics card. It gives you a one-click solution to significantly improve PC performance by overclocking most Nvidia and AMD graphics cards. According to multiple test results, the older your graphics card is, the better you seem to get after super-boosting the hardware.

Furthermore, with this program, you can Speed up your PC with quick & easy disk defragmentation. It runs Analysis, Smart Defrag, Fast Defrag, and Deep Defrag to solve the long-time PC response issues, also helps prolong the lifespan of the disk and improve your hard disk performance.

With this beneficial program, you can also record game videos easily. It supports capturing game and recording game moments with the easy-to-use hotkeys. For initiating the recording of the game, you can set your hotkeys or press Ctrl, Alt, and V in gaming to record the excellent in-game moments you want at any time. You can also check out Bitdefender Total Security.


Features of Smart Game Booster Pro:

  • Maximize Your Game FPS
  • Optimize Windows System
  • Monitor hardware temperature
  • Update Graphics Driver & Audio Driver
  • Update Graphics Driver & Audio Drives.
  • Temperature Monitor.
  • Super Game Boost (overclock technology).
  • Disk Defrag.
  • Record Games.

Smart Game Booster Pro Free License

Download the setup file or installer from the developer page:

Install the software. On the app’s main window, click the hamburger menu (three stacked lines) in the top left.

Next, click “Register” and enter the below code.


Note: The above code offers 3 Month subscription to the software till Feb 04, 2024.

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