An Arcade Full of Cats Guide: Cat Collector’s Quest

An Arcade Full of Cats: Overview 

Step right into the purr-fect world of feline fun with our “An Arcade Full of Cats Guide“! Imagine an arcade where cute kitties are hiding everywhere, just waiting for you to find them. This delightful hidden object game is like taking a trip down memory lane to the good old days of “penny arcades.” It’s a simple and enjoyable experience, perfect for all ages.

An Arcade Full of Cats

Get ready to explore and discover playful cats in every nook and cranny. The game’s easy instructions make it a breeze to play, ensuring hours of amusement. So, if you’re a cat lover or just looking for some light-hearted entertainment, this arcade adventure is the cat’s meow! Try it now and let the kitty excitement begin!

Decades of Cat Hunting: ’80s, ’90s, and ’00s Felines

If you’re playing “An Arcade Full of Cats” and want help, you’re in luck! This game has cool 8-bit music that’ll make you dance while searching for cats from the ’80s, ’90s, and ’00s. Some cats hide behind stuff, so keep your eyes peeled!

The real fun starts when you find tokens. Use them to play mini-games at the arcade system. Beat mini-games to get car batteries and unlock a new ending. Finish all five free stages, and if you want more, buy DLC on Steam.

Got stuck? No worries! Check our “an arcade full of cats guide” for help. It’s perfect if you can’t find a cat token or need help finding those cute kitties:

  • Classic Arcade Vibes: The game’s music is like old arcades. Dance along while searching for cats from the ’80s to the ’00s.
  • Hidden Cats: Some are easy to find, but others hide behind things. Level 1990 needs a special button combo to reveal a sneaky kitty.
  • Tokens and Mini-Games: Find tokens for arcade fun. Play mini-games, get car batteries, and unlock cool endings.
  • Free Stages: Complete five stages for free. Want more? Get DLC on Steam.

Bookmark our guide if you need help. It’s your go-to for finding cat tokens or those elusive cuties in “An Arcade Full of Cats.” Happy gaming!

How to Play?

  • Tap to Change Color: Tap on a cat to change her colour. Special cats have a unique color; in level 1980, normal cats are blue, while special cats turn purple.
  • Cat Counter: Check the top-left corner for the cat counter. In 1980, there were 76 normal cats and 5 hidden ones.
  • Find Hidden Cats: Special cats are completely hidden. Click on specific objects to reveal them. Look closely!
  • Locate Tiny Cat Token: After finding all the cats, search for the tiny cat token. Zoom in on a level to spot it. This token unlocks an arcade mini-game.
  • Play Arcade Mini-Game: Use the token on an arcade machine to play a different hidden object game. In level 1990, try “Catius” to find Bionic fish in an aquarium.
  • Collect Batteries: In mini-games, find all objects to receive a reward. Collect five batteries in the free version to unlock the ending.
  • Zoom In for Tokens: Tokens are tiny, so zoom in on a level. First, find all cats, including hidden ones, and then search for the elusive kitty token.

Additional Tips

  • Screenshots Available: Check screenshots of cat locations and tokens for help.
  • Video Walkthroughs: Watch video walkthroughs at the end of each level in this “an arcade full of cats guide” for visual assistance.

Now, with these simple steps, you’re ready to enjoy the game! Have fun exploring An Arcade Full of Cats.


In this fun game, your mission is to find 76 cats and 5 hidden purple felines. Click on objects in the arcade scene to discover the elusive purple cats.

An Arcade Full of Cats
Extreme left side

For the 1980 level, spot the token between the gacha glass bowl and the stool with a cat on top. Check the screenshot for the exact location.

An Arcade Full of Cats
Right side

Ready to enjoy the arcade full of cats? Have a purrfect time finding those hidden felines and collecting tokens! 

An Arcade Full of Cats


In the 1985 level, there are 61 cats, including 6 hidden kitties. Look for the yellow-colored ones. The screenshot below shows where the token is. It’s on the bottom shelf, surrounded by different hats.

An Arcade Full of Cats
Left view
An Arcade Full of Cats
Right view


To find it easily, follow these simple instructions. Check the bottom shelf, and you’ll spot it among the hats. Use this helpful “an arcade full of cats guide” to collect your token.

An Arcade Full of Cats

1990 coin location

An Arcade Full of Cats

Location: The 1990 coin is located under the scooter (marked by a green circle).

Usage: You can use the coin to play the Catius arcade machine nearby.

Game: 1990 Do Cats Dream Of Electric Fish – The electric fish disappear as you find them.


In this arcade, you’ll find 67 regular cats and 6 hidden cats. Keep an eye out for the special purple ones—they’re unique! The token you need is hidden behind the scooter’s front wheel. 

An Arcade Full of Cats
Left view
An Arcade Full of Cats
Right side

Look closely, because there’s also a cat hanging playfully from the scooter. Make sure to explore every corner of the arcade to find all the cats and the token. Have fun searching and enjoy the company of these adorable feline friends!

An Arcade Full of Cats


Get ready to find all 66 cats, including 6 hidden ones. Look for yellow cats out in the open and pink ones that are tricky to spot.

An Arcade Full of Cats

Left side

Firstly, keep your eyes peeled for yellow cats—they’re hiding but not too well! Use the joystick to explore the level. Transitioning between areas is essential; move left, right, up, and down. Watch out for pink kitties, they’re extra sneaky.

Right side

To make it easier, search each corner and platform. Transition between levels carefully, and don’t forget to count the ones you find. Remember, practice makes perfect in an arcade full of cats! Good luck!

Hidden “Mario Cat” in the 1995 Level

Looking for the special cat in the 1995 version of An Arcade Full of Cats can be tricky. First, find the hint for the right button combo. Look at the screenshot below for help. Then, press the buttons in the correct order to uncover the hidden cat, which is inspired by Mario. 

Here’s the right combo: Press the Up arrow two times, then the Down arrow two times, followed by Left, Right, Left, Right. Finally, press the “B” and “A” buttons. The token is on the Air Hockey table.

So, to sum up, check the hint, press the buttons in the right order, and find the cat on the Air Hockey table.


To finish the last level in the free game, find 69 cats and 7 hidden cats. Get a token in the middle of an arcade machine near the “House of the Dog” game. Use the token to play another secret hidden object game.

An Arcade Full of Cats

An Arcade Full of Cats

Start by looking for the cats on each level. Don’t forget the hidden ones! The token is vital for the final mini-game. It’s right there in the arcade machine.

Our “an arcade full of cats guide” is simple. Find them all, get the token, and enjoy another secret game.

An Arcade Full of Cats


In conclusion, navigating the feline-filled adventure of “An Arcade Full of Cats” is a breeze with our comprehensive guide. From the 1980s to the 2000s, our tips help you locate every cat, token, and hidden gem. Follow the WALKTHROUGHS to discover special cats, collect tokens, and enjoy exciting mini-games at the arcade. 

Whether you’re in it for the nostalgia or the joy of finding adorable cats, our guide has you covered. Don’t miss out on the fun – play the game, follow the steps, and immerse yourself in the world of cats. Our an arcade full of cats guide ensures a purr-fect gaming experience for cat lovers of all ages. 

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