Chillquarium Beginner’s Guide: Cheats and Tips

Chillquarium – Overview 

Ben Reber’s Chillquarium is a calm game where you buy fish, grow them, and then sell them for money. Unlike some games, there’s no breeding here. Your fish come in packs. In this beginner-level guide, we’ll share handy tips to improve your farming setup. 

So, if you’re just starting out or looking to maximize your earnings, you’re in the right place. Whether you’re a casual gamer or a seasoned pro, these tips will help you swim smoothly through the game. Let’s dive in and explore the world of Chillquarium together!

Levelling Fishes

Fish grow from babies to adults by gaining XP. Six-packs hold fish of various rarities. Rarer fish need more XP to level up. As fish gain XP, they level up. It’s like a game for fish! 

So, the more XP they earn, the bigger they get. That’s how they level up and become adults. Each pack has its own special fish. The rare ones need more XP to level up. So, if you want your fish to grow big and strong, you need to give them lots of XP!

Chillquarium Fish Packs

Here’s a list of the packs:

  • Freshwater Friends
  • Rivers and Ponds
  • Reef Fellas
  • Marine Dwellers
  • Giants

Packs 1 and 2 work in freshwater tanks. The others need saltwater tanks.

To play, pick a pack and open it in the right tank.

Freshwater Friends and Rivers and Ponds go in freshwater tanks. Reef Fellas, Marine Dwellers, and Giants need saltwater tanks.

Just choose a pack and enjoy your fishy friends!

Fish Rarities

In Chillquarium, fish come in different rarities. There are four kinds: 

  • Common
  • Rare
  • Epic
  • Legendary. 

Each rarity also has three types: Painted, Golden, and Rainbow.

Painted fish are the easiest to find, while Golden and Rainbow ones are super hard. The chance of getting a Golden fish is 1 out of 1024, and for Rainbows, it’s 1 out of 8192.

But don’t worry! Chillquarium has a system to help. If you haven’t found a Golden fish after 2048 tries, you’ll get one for sure. And after 16384 attempts, you’ll snag a Rainbow fish.

So, keep fishing and watch out for those special ones!

How to Level Fish?

Even when the game is closed, every fish earns 1 XP per second if left alone. To speed up the process, feed the fish.

Hold the right-click button to spawn fish pellets. All nearby fish will gather near the cursor to feed off them. Each pellet they eat grants them 5 XP.

So, to level up faster, keep feeding them regularly!

Optimized Feeding Techniques for Chillquarium

Here are some simple ways to make feeding your fish easier:

  1. Automated Feeding: Click to drop food and gently move the mouse to gather all the fish in one spot. Then, slowly drag the mouse to the bottom left corner of the screen, just above the soil in the tank. This makes the fish bunch up, so they can all eat at once.

Plus, by holding the right click, press Alt + Tab to switch to another window. Even if you’re doing something else, the game will still feed your fish because it keeps track of the mouse at the bottom left of the screen. So, whether you’re browsing the web or watching a movie, your fish will be fed as long as the game is open.

If you find the feeding sounds bothersome, just lower the volume in the game settings before trying this trick.

  1. Using an Auto Clicker: Cheating a little in Chillquarium is possible with the help of an Auto Clicker. You can find one at This tool, called OP Auto Clicker 3.0, is free to use. It automates the feeding process in the game, making things easier for you. It works faster than the AFK feeding trick we talked about earlier. However, remember that the game must stay open for this to work.

To get started, download the software. You don’t need to install it; just double-click the downloaded file to run it.

Once it’s open, set the Click Interval to 15 milliseconds. This is the best speed because the fish aren’t very fast, and going faster won’t make much of a difference. Then, in the Click Options section, choose Left Click. Leave everything else as it is.

Press F6 to start the program. It will gather all the fish in one corner, just like we showed you before.

Remember: don’t close the game while the program is running. If you do, it will start clicking randomly all over the screen. Always turn off the program before you leave the game.

Selling Fishes in Chillquarium

It’s important to select fish wisely in the game. Regular ones can be sold, except for Legendaries or Golden/Rainbow ones. Protect your valuable fish by locking them. Focus on expanding your aquarium with saltwater tanks and avoid wasting money on unnecessary upgrades or decorations.

Which Ones to Sell

Start slow. Buy fish, let them grow, then sell for money. Use that money to buy more packs. Only keep Legendary or Golden/Rainbow fish. Others make only a few cents daily.

How to Protect

Keep important fish locked to avoid selling them by mistake.

Expansion Plans

When you have enough cash for the Reef Fellas pack, get a saltwater tank. Don’t upgrade freshwater tanks now; it’s a waste. Also, don’t buy decorations until late in the game. They don’t help. Focus on keeping tanks full of fish and getting more tanks, not decorations.

In Chillquarium, saltwater fish cost more than freshwater ones. So, focus on upgrading saltwater tanks first.

Conclusion: Chillquarium

In conclusion, Chillquarium provides a tranquil gaming environment focused on fish cultivation and trade. This introductory guide furnishes players with essential tactics to enhance their farming operations and boost profits. Whether you’re a novice or seasoned gamer, these insights promise a seamless navigation through Chillquarium’s aquatic realm. Delve into the game with assurance and discover the joys of nurturing and selling fish. 

Remember to make informed decisions when selecting which fish to sell, prioritizing valuable specimens like Legendaries or Golden/Rainbow ones. Safeguard your prized fish by utilizing the locking feature and concentrate on expanding your aquarium with saltwater tanks for optimal growth. With careful planning and strategic execution, success in Chillquarium awaits. Begin your journey and immerse yourself in the captivating world of aquatic entrepreneurship now! 

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