How to Free Download Warpips on PC? (Worth $16.99)

Key Takeaways: Free Download Warpips on PC

Warpips is a free strategy game for PC that offers hours of strategic gameplay. Here you will get to know about Free Download Warpips on PC:

  • Players must build and control their own army, strategically deploying units to collect resources and outsmart opponents.
  • Resource management is crucial in Warpips, as players must carefully use limited resources to strengthen their army.
  • Base-building and positioning of structures play a significant role in winning battles.
  • The game features fast-paced combat, requiring players to strategically place units and utilize different unit types to defeat enemies.

Get Warpips for Free on PC: Do you like strategy games? Want a new challenge? Warpips is the game for you! It’s an indie game where you lead your own army and outsmart your opponents in fast battles. The best part? It’s free to download on PC, giving you hours of strategic gameplay without spending a single cent.

Free Download Warpips on PC

In this article, we’ll explore the exciting world of Warpips. We’ll look at the gameplay, mechanics, and what makes it different from other RTS games. Whether you’re a strategy pro or new to the genre, read on to find out why Warpips should be your next PC game.

Warpips PC Game: Overview

Warpips is a fun strategy game that you can download for free on your computer. It was made by a small game studio called Skirmish Mode Games. In this game, you have to build and control your own army and fight against other players in fast battles.

Warpips has simple graphics and cool gameplay. There are different modes to play, so you’ll never get bored. If you like challenges, you’ll love playing this game.

Game Mechanics

In Warpips, your main job is to create an army and lead it to victory by defeating enemies in fast battles. In the beginning, you have only a limited amount of resources. To grow stronger, you need to think strategically and deploy different units to collect more resources and build your base.

As you make progress, you can unlock better units and upgrade the ones you already have, making them more powerful. It’s important to manage your resources wisely and decide which units to use in each battle, as each unit has its own strengths and weaknesses.

The ultimate aim is to outsmart and conquer your opponents, expanding your territory and becoming the mightiest army in the game. The gameplay of Warpips is made to make players think and plan their moves cleverly to beat their enemies. You should think carefully and make smart choices to win.

Resource Management

At the beginning of each battle, players have a set amount of things they can use to place their troops and construct their base. As players keep playing, they can unlock new things like oil and gold to make their army and base bigger. The game wants players to be careful with their things and use them in the best way possible to make their army strong.


Players can make different buildings to make their bases better. They can build factories to make new units, turrets to guard against enemies, and walls to keep their base safe. Where and when they build these structures is very important for winning battles.


Warpips is a game where you have fast battles. You need to be smart and think about where to put your units to beat your enemies. You can choose from different units like soldiers, tanks, and cannons. Each unit has its own good and bad points. The game wants you to try out different units and plans to find the best way to win each battle.

Warpips also has other things to do. You can see how you compare to other players on the leaderboard. There are different ways to play, like Survival and Skirmish. You can even change how your army looks by picking different colors and styles for your units. All these things together make Warpips a fun and hard game for PC players.

Now let’s get into how you can get Warpips on your PC without paying.

How to Download & Install Warpips on PC for Free?

  • First, go to your computer’s web browser and visit the page where you can download Warpips for free.

  • Next, click on the “Get” button and sign in to your Epic Games account. If you don’t have an Epic Games account yet, you can create one easily by clicking on the “Sign-Up” button.
  • Once you’re signed in, download the Warpips game setup onto your computer.
  • Double-click on the downloaded file to start installing Warpips.
  • Follow the instructions that appear on your screen to complete the installation process.
  • After the installation is finished, you can launch the game and start playing.

Note: Please note that this game was available for free download until February 23, 2024.

Warpips Game Modes

Warpips has different game modes that give players special challenges and gameplay options. Here are some of the modes you can play:

  • Campaign: The Campaign mode is the main mode in Warpips. It has battles you need to finish to progress in the game. Each battle has its own goals and challenges, and they get harder as you go on.
  • Survival: In Survival mode, you have to survive against endless waves of enemies for as long as possible. The enemies get stronger and tougher to beat as you keep going.
  • Skirmish: Skirmish mode lets you customize battles with your own army and conditions. You can choose the difficulty level, maps, and objectives to make a unique game experience.
  • Sandbox: Sandbox mode gives you the freedom to play however you want. You can experiment with different armies and conditions without any specific goals or challenges to complete.

Each mode has different challenges and ways to play. You can pick the mode that suits your style. Whether you like following a story or having more freedom, Warpips has a mode for you.

Tips and Tricks for Playing Warpips

If you’re new to Warpips or want to get better at the game, here are some tips to help you:

  • Start with a strong base. Build it up before sending out your units. Place structures carefully and protect your base with walls and turrets.
  • Use your units wisely. Each unit has strengths and weaknesses, so be strategic. Try different combinations to find what works best.
  • Manage your resources. Resources are limited, so use them wisely. Focus on gathering what you need and using them to build your army and base.
  • Stay mobile. Warpips is fast-paced, so move around to outmaneuver your opponents. Attack from unexpected angles and flank enemies.
  • Upgrade your units. Keep up with the difficulty by upgrading your units. Make them more effective and durable on the battlefield.
  • Don’t forget about engineers. They can repair structures and units. Include them in your army and keep them safe.
  • Use Skirmish mode to experiment. Try out different unit combinations and battle conditions. Use this mode to refine your strategy and develop new tactics.

By adhering to these suggestions and techniques, you can enhance your gaming skills and establish yourself as a powerful presence in the realm of Warpips. Keep in mind the importance of flexibility and experiment with different approaches to discover the strategy that suits you best.

This information encompasses everything you need to know about downloading and installing the Warpips game on your PC at no cost. Epic Games is currently offering a 100% discount on this game, enabling you to install it on your computer without any charge.

Conclusion: Free Download Warpips on PC

In conclusion, Warpips is an exciting strategy game that offers hours of strategic gameplay without costing you a penny. Developed by Skirmish Mode Games, this indie title allows you to build and control your own army, engaging in fast-paced battles against opponents. The game mechanics require you to think strategically and make smart choices in deploying units, managing resources, and constructing your base.

With its simple graphics and various gameplay modes, including Campaign, Survival, Skirmish, and Sandbox, Warpips offers a diverse and engaging experience for both strategy enthusiasts and newcomers to the genre. The game’s emphasis on resource management, base-building, and combat tactics ensures that players must carefully plan their moves to outsmart their opponents and emerge victorious.

By following the provided tips and tricks, players can improve their skills and adapt their strategies, ultimately establishing themselves as formidable forces within the Warpips universe. Don’t miss the opportunity to download and install this free PC game and embark on an exciting journey of strategic conquest.

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