How to Resolve Instagram Video Selfie Verification Error in 2024?

Instagram Video Selfie Verification Error: Key Takeaways 

The Instagram Video Selfie Verification Error occurs when users try to upload a video for verification and can’t due to format or technical issues. Here you will get to know about Instagram Video Selfie Verification Error:

  • Common causes of the error include incorrect video format or size, slow internet connection, outdated app version, corrupted app cache, and other technical glitches.
  • To fix the error, users should check the video format and size, improve their internet connection, update the Instagram app, clear the app cache, restart their device, or try logging in from a different device.
  • Users should ensure their video meets Instagram’s guidelines, use a stable internet connection, keep the app updated, clear the app cache if necessary, and try alternative devices if the issue persists.
  • The error can be resolved with the appropriate troubleshooting steps, allowing users to successfully upload their video selfies for verification.

Instagram Video Selfie Verification Error

If you’re experiencing the Instagram Video Selfie Verification Error when attempting to upload a selfie video for verification, you’ve come to the right place.

Instagram is a highly popular social media platform utilized by millions of individuals who share photos and videos on a daily basis. However, due to the platform’s growing popularity, some users have encountered errors when attempting to upload videos, specifically when trying to capture a video selfie for verification purposes.

Encountering this error can be frustrating, especially if you need to access your account or update your profile details. In this article, we will examine the causes of the Instagram Video Selfie Verification Error and provide practical solutions to help you resolve it.

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What is Instagram Video Selfie Verification Error?

Users frequently encounter the Instagram Video Selfie Verification Error when attempting to upload a video for verification. This issue typically arises when users are trying to authenticate their identity or verify their account details.

The error message typically indicates that a technical problem prevents uploading the video due to an incorrect format. As a result, users are unable to upload the video and complete the verification process, which can be frustrating and inconvenient.

The specific cause of this error can vary and may involve factors such as an improper video format or size, a slow internet connection, an outdated version of the Instagram app, a corrupted app cache, or other technical glitches. The error can be resolved, by enabling users to upload their video selfies for verification.

Possible Causes of Instagram Video Selfie Error

The Instagram Video Selfie Verification Error can occur due to various reasons. Here are some of the most common causes:

  1. Incorrect video format or size: Instagram has specific guidelines regarding the format and size of videos that can be uploaded. Failure to meet video requirements can lead to upload errors.
  2. Slow Internet connection: Uploading videos to Instagram requires a stable and fast Internet connection. Slow or unreliable internet can delay or prevent video uploads on Instagram.
  3. Outdated Instagram app version: Instagram regularly releases updates to improve features and fix bugs. Using an outdated app version can cause video upload issues, including the selfie verification error.
  4. Corrupted app cache: Over time, the cache of the Instagram app can become corrupted, affecting its functionality, including video uploads. Clearing the app cache might help resolve the issue.
  5. Other technical issues: There could be various other technical issues contributing to the video selfie verification error. These may include server outages, compatibility problems with your device, or software bugs.

Note that the cause of the error can vary among users, and multiple factors may be involved. By understanding these potential causes, you can diagnose the problem more effectively and find a suitable solution for your specific situation.

How to Fix Instagram Video Selfie Verification Error in 2024?

Below are several remedies that can resolve the error encountered during Instagram’s video selfie verification process:

Check the video format and size

Before uploading, make sure that the video you are attempting to upload adheres to Instagram’s guidelines for video format and size. If the video does not meet these criteria, consider converting it to a compatible format and size before proceeding with the upload.

Improve internet connection

Before trying to upload the video selfie again, it is advisable to switch to a faster and more reliable internet connection as a slow or inconsistent network can result in issues when uploading videos to Instagram.

Update Instagram app

Ensure that you keep the Instagram app updated to ensure its proper functioning. If you have an outdated version, update it to the latest version available on the app store.

Clear app cache

Resolving problems with the Instagram app’s functionality, such as video uploads, can be achieved by clearing its cache. Access your device’s settings, locate the Instagram app, and choose the option to “Clear cache & clear data.”

Restart device

In some cases, restarting your device can resolve technical issues and enhance the performance of the Instagram app. Try restarting your device and then attempting to upload the video selfie again.

Try logging in from a different device

If you’re still unable to upload the video selfie from your current device, try logging into your Instagram account from another device and then attempt to upload the video selfie from there.


Encountering the Instagram Video Selfie Verification Error can be frustrating, but solutions exist. Understanding possible causes like video format, slow internet, outdated app, or corrupted cache helps diagnose and fix the issue.

Possible solutions: check video format/size, improve the internet, update Instagram, clear app cache, restart the device, and try a different device. Overcome Instagram Video Selfie Verification Error with these steps.

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